School Support Services

ESEO provides a number of services to support parents and educators integrate children with epilepsy into their classroom and school. Together we can reduce barriers to education and help children with epilepsy reach their full potential.


We work with parents and schools to ensure that appropriate accommodations are in place.

Safety Plans

ESEO can help schools develop a seizure safety plan for each child with epilepsy. This plan will help the school better understand your child’s seizures, identify when a seizure is a medical emergency, and assist your child when they’re having a seizure.

Epilepsy Awareness

One way to help a child with epilepsy feel that the school or classroom is an accepting environment is to celebrate Epilepsy Awareness Month in March and Purple Day for Epilepsy on March 26th. Ask us for some activity suggestions or participate in one of our awareness campaigns.


ESEO offers seizure first aid posters, resource booklets for teachers and caregivers, and activity books for children. We also offer the informational Spark series, including:
Epilepsy and Learning Challenges
Epilepsy and ADHD
Helping Children with Organization and Planning
Epilepsy and Memory (Children)