Chris Rand

My name is Chris Rand and I had Epilepsy since I was 3 Months old from birth.

I was in and out of hospitals all my life and that I had seizures mostly every day an night and that I just didn’t have any control over Them because I was out of it mostly everyday day.

I had diffrent kind of seizures like from Petrie mal to Grand mal to staring in space and other kinds of seizures.

Now I had all Diffrent kinds of tests done like MRI cats can and ambulatory EGG and sleep EEG and that it was then hospitalization a In and out.

About 40 years later they found out I had. 3 tumors in my right side Of Temproal Lobe and it was a dyplasia which mean”t
Cells did not belong.

I had the Brain Surgery in 1998 and the next day I walked out of the Hospital which was Cleveland Clinc in Cleveland Ohio
And I got the best treatment there.

The Dr who did the Brain surgery on me was Dr William Bingaman who is a neurosurgeon who is the Best in Neuro Surgery.

The Surgery was a complete Success and a Miracle surgery

That took place at the Cleveland Clinc Hospital in Cleveland Ohio.

The Surgery was 13 hours under anesthesia which was a long time But the outcome is that I was cured by Jesus Christ through that Surgery Temproal Lobectomy.

I would do it all again. The hospitals are:
Akron City
Akron General Boston Children’s Florida Memorial

Dr Ceaser Lombroso Dr Eric Gellar
Dr David Rothner
Dr ElaineWylie
Dr Imad Najm

Chris Rand